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Migos - Avalanche (Official Audio) More on Anything-celebrity.com ( 160kbps )

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Migos - Avalanche lyrics

[Verse: Quavo] Poppa was a rolling stone, but now I got rolling stones in the bezel (ice) Momma at home all alone, hustling trying to keep this shit together (momma) Young n***a smoking on gas, I’m living too fast, my foot on the pedal (whoo) If I got back to the past, my n***as ain’t know we’d be rockin’ Coachella (hey) If a n***a ever try me or play me, I buy him an iced out shovel (ice) Dig ya own grave n***a, you played yourself, I put some cash on your schedule (you played yourself) If a bitch ever try to filet me huh, I just sit back and let her (she got it) Think she come up of the Cho, it’s whatever, my pockets came with extra cheddar (go) I can see through the fuck shit (fuck shit), I think that my skills getting better (getting better)

Migos - Avalanche (Official lyrics) More on Anything-celebrity.com

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Migos - Avalanche (Official Audio) More on Anything-celebrity.com ( 160kbps )

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