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“We Will Remember Toju Ejueyitchie As A Peace-loving, Meticulous And Forthright Man” – Legendary Music Producer, Laolu Akins

I met Toju around the mid to late 80s while in the midst of a blitz of activities in Nigeria’s music industry. I was the Artist and Repertoire Controller at Sony Music Music Entertainment Limited. The Nigerian Music industry then was bubbling with high octane successes, with artists and their companies engaged in very tough but healthy competition yet in fierce and positive synergy and cooperation amongst them in the fight against piracy and counterfeiting which was at top levels.


In all the high currents of positive activities one name kept popping up; Toju Ejueyitchie who soon after became the Managing Director at Premier Records after being their Finance Director. We joined forces together on several fronts along with many equally dedicated colleagues and partners to raise the bar in the music industry and fight our common enemies, grow and stabilize our industry and profession and reap where we all have planted. We became close allies. Toju asserted himself through dedicated and relentless work – whether it was raising standards, fighting for the rights of artists and investors in the industry or voluntarily streamlining management and financial policies of the various organisations that kept our industry afloat in those troublesome years and times. He sometimes put his health at risk travelling up and down attending meetings on copyright matters; in all of these, he remained committed, unassuming yet thorough. A peaceful man to the core. In all our years together, I never saw Toju angry, raised his voice or held animosity against anyone, he made his points smiling yet firm. I am lost for words and yet to comprehend the departure of this gentle giant. This forthright man who puts others before himself, faithful to his words, kind in his ways and does not discriminate. I don’t know if our industry and some of us will ever find another Toju Ejueyitchie. Those of us had the good fortune to get closer to him are mighty proud of him, who he is, what he achieved, what great and immeasurable sacrifices he made, rich and progressive contributions he made to our lives, profession and industry and the huge impacts of those inputs. We will forever cherish them and remember Toju as the “Peace-loving, meticulous and forthright man” the silent achiever who never fails to humble himself even though he is mightily endowed with abundant, wide and rich in knowledge all of which he surrendered graciously for the benefit of all. We will miss you badly Toju; the conscience of Nigeria’s music industry, friend and brother. I am certain that heavens will receive you joyfully and God will rest you perfectly in His bossom because you were His child till the end. Rest in Peace Toju Ejueyitchie, your memories will linger on in our hearts. Goodnight, RIP.😭

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