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On the bucket list, Nasty C, secret love and what wouldn't be taken publicly

On the bucket list, Nasty C, secret love and what wouldn't be taken publicly

This weekend, the Kampala 2021 MTV Africa Music Awards will air a virtual display featuring artists from all over Africa. Nasty C, representing South Africa, has been nominated in the Best Hip Hop category to join such musicians as Nigerian Wizkid, Ugandan Sheebah Karungi, Khaligraph Jones of Kenya and Tanzanian Diamond Platinumz. This year's Awards are dedicated to the youth of Africa, and will concentrate on African music and artists worldwide. We caught up with Nasty C in anticipation of the music awards.
What's your bucket list's number one destination?
Greece. - Greece. I saw a few mad Greek videos. The water looks lovely. It's just transparent, so peaceful it seems. It certainly is on my list of buckets.
Who would this be if you could swap bodies with someone in the world? No man, no one at all. I would do it if I could adjust bank accounts.
What's your last thing to do in the evening before you go to bed?
A: Besides prayer, my next day's schedule probably tests if I'm serious. Check what I'm going to do tomorrow to find out what time I need to get up and how long I have to work on my music.
What one song is on your playlist that you are ashamed about?
I had one, but I just got my playlist cleared. It's been a hit by Mariah Carey – it's the song You Always Be My Girl. Now, though, it's gone.
If you can exchange bodies with someone in the universe, who is this?
No man, at all nobody. If I were able to change bank accounts, I would do it.
In the night before you go to bed, what is your last thing to do?
A: In addition to my prayer, if I am serious, probably my schedule next day would try. Take a look at the time I'm going to get up tomorrow, and how long I have to work on my music.
What song are you ashamed of on your playlist?
I've had one, but I have cleared my playlist. This album, You Always Be My Girl, was hit by Mariah Carey. It's gone now, though.
When you grew up, what did you want to be?
I wanted to still be what I am today: an artist, someone who works for itself, someone who makes and gives life to everything in their mind. This sort of person I always wanted to be.
What would you be if you weren't a rapper?
I possibly would be a video editor or an editor with graphics. I do it even quite a bit on a regular basis. I'd be in the space of the media. In some other business, I don't see myself.
What is the best quality of yours? It should be my mood. Because of my humour, many people want to be around me. It helped me to make several friends. When you are in the field, many people you meet only want to get ahead, so they still try to find a way to use you. But other people I met when I was just a clown, had fun and was a human versus an artist—those people became my best friend. There's no trade, no business, it's pure friendship.
Your worst quality, and what?
My patience is lacking. I have no patience. I have no patience.
You are on death row. You're on death row. What's your last dinner?
I certainly want something that reminds me of my home and reminds me of my family and those feelings. It would be either steep bread, curry or vetkoeks, a typical meal. Surely they always struck my house for me. It's not a whole meal, it's a snack like back when I was still in secondary education.
What colour would you be if you were to wake up as a pencil?
I would be red. I would be red. This is my preferred color. Until I looked at my talkers, my telephone, my clothes I didn't even know this. It's probably my favorite color, I was like oh snap. The room I'm in now has red lights. Right now.
What is the peeve of your pet?
Lying, I suppose. That's very normal, but I don't like people who lie, especially people who lie just to gain my trust or friendship, and many people, that makes us automatically friends, talk about others badly.

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