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Minnie Driver on how she discovered at 12 her dad was wed to someone else

The actress Minnie Driver opened up about realising that her dad had been married to a different woman throughout his relationship with her model mother

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Talking to The Sunday Times Magazine, the actress said: "My parents separated when I was six, but at the age of 12 I discovered they had never been married, and that throughout their relationship my father was married to somebody else and had another family." Minnie, 51, said her mother Gaynor Churchward, helped her process the revelation.

📷Minnie Driver is seen in 1998 with her sister Kate Driver, mother Gaynor Churchward and father Ronnie Driver 

Minnie Driver is seen in 1998 with her sister Kate Driver, mother Gaynor Churchward and father Ronnie Driver (Image: Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images) The Oscar nominated star said: "Mum was so open about their relationship and never prudish or worried about answering any questions." In 2013 Good Will Hunting star Minnie went on the BBC show Who Do You Think You Are, which helped her reach "a new understanding" about her dad and "really changed my life."

📸Minnie Driver is seen last year 

While her childhood may have been unorthodox, Minnie has been seen with both her parents, and also with sister Kate Driver, who shares both her parents. She also has two younger half-siblings. Charlie Driver on her father's side and Ed Churchward from her mother's later marriage. As for former model and designer Gaynor, she told the publication that she had been with Minnie's father for five years when she fell pregnant with their second child.


📷Minnie's father Ronnie Driver is seen with his mother Mary Driver in a family photo from 1939 

She praised her ex, calling Ronnie Driver a "complicated man" but adding: "He was loyal to me, to his wife and loyal to the children." Minnie herself is mother to son Henry, from her relationship with the writer and producer Timothy J Lea. She went public with filmmaker boyfriend Addison O’Dea in 2019.

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