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 Lil Muk Releases Debut Project "About Time" Featuring Lil Baby

lil muk

Lil Muk published his debut "About Time" project with features of Lil Baby and YXNG K.A. Philadelphia raper.

His debut project About Time is being released by Lil Muk as one of Philadelphia's fastest rising stars.

It's about time that, in the minds of the 19-year-old rapper, Lil Muk gets his attention. The up-and-comer bubbles for the last few moments and he makes sure he's not overlooked. For its first project the budding star will produce a collection of neine tracks that will recruit one of the largest stars in the world to bring its product to view. Naturally, I refer to Lil Baby, who is featured alongside YXNG K.A on the melodic "Living Life"
While that's the song that's probably most noticeable from the new band of Lil Muk, the whole project needs to be heard. The pained and yet triumphant "Best For You" and the bubbling "26 Missed Calls" highlight time. About time.

Listen to the new release below and let us know if you're a fan of Lil Muk.
  1. Fade Away
2. Living Life (feat. Lil Baby & YXNG K.A.)
3. Best For You
4. Dangerous
5. Help Me Forget It
6. So Beautiful
7. Top Side
8. 26 Missed Calls

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