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Lil Muk ft Lil Baby   "Living Life" mp3


lil muk

Philadelphia rapper Lil Muk is releasing with Lil Baby and YXNG K.A., his new single "Living Life"

If Philadelphia rapper Lil Muk hasn't been tapped yet, then it is time to get hip to the 19-year-old, local or domestic noise. The young rapper had several successful individual campaigns but his fans prayed for a complete project, which he delivered happily on Thursday. His About Time debut project has been launched, and a lot of attention is sure to be paid because of Lil Baby's second track, Living Life.

Lil Baby had announced in June that he expects six characters for a feature, so it's safe to assume that Lil Muk cashed out with the superstar for his last record. "Living Life" is a melodic song with a YXNG K.A., which shows Muk's storm

Listen to the new song below and let us know if you've got Lil Muk on your radar.

Quotable Lyrics:

I told my mama that I got her so many times

I told my brother that I got him so many times

No, I can't trust you, all my life they told a n***a lies

We in this race and I'ma see 'em at the finish line


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