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 IBEDC responds to the extortion claim of its customers, others


The distribution company has called upon customers in town to show patience following the demonstration carried out on Wednesday by the residents in the Cottage area, Ede against officials of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC), the Ede Business Hub, where it was charged with extortion, epileptic power supply and the deliberate imposition of the blackout of the town.

IBEDC explained that its customers on the cottage feeder are on Band C 12H according to the implementation of the reflective service (SRT) tariff and feeder classification at least 12 hours to a maximum of 15 hours, as provided for in a press release issued by Osun Spokesperson for DAILY POST.

The Band is at least 16, and Band C is at least 12, while Band D has a minimum of 8, whereas Band E is a minimum of 4 hours of power supply which they enjoy in accordance with their feeder classification: 'Based on a Service Reflective Tariff,' she said.

"We call upon our esteemed customers to present original copies of their paying counters for verification to guide sharp practices when claiming that they have paid prepaid meters that have yet to be installed. Their meters are then installed after verification of their distributors.

"The Federal Government has also embarked on a recently launched National Mass Metering Program (NMMP) in Osogbo, State of Osun. This is to bridge the gap and make sure that the question of capping accounts is historical.

"Phase Zero is the free measurement program that IBEDC is to deploy 104,000 meters across the franchise. Phase Zero is the national capital of Osogbo and is extended to all customers without measure, because the first and the second phases will be continued."

The Committee urges its customers to visit their headquarters in Osogbo who are currently issuing estimated bills that are not combined with Capped Bills.

In addition, new offices under Ede Business Hub have also been created at Agunbelewo, Iwo and Ejigbo alongside Oke-Gada and Ede to bring customer channels closer to their customers. Owoeye has reported that Ede Business Hub has created new offices.

It called its customers to investigate IBEDC complaints channels including telephone calls and e-mails.

DAILY POST reported that angry youth led by their president Addul Azeez Idowu, under the auspices of the Ede Youth Association Federation, led the young people in the city in a peaceful protest demanding an end to IBEDC extortion.

The President of FEDYA also requested the relevant authorities to take swift action to avoid the wrath of the townspeople.

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