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#killshot​ #terminator​ #dax​ #KILLSHOT3​ LYRICS:

Why’s everybody still calling me a rapper I’m an artist
I just rap for fun but still do it the hardest Should of known that I was Comin Like the song I did with MARCUS once I HOPS-IN the beat
dispose of the carcass I remember when I started people tried to call me STUPID
so I took the liberty to level up and go RETARDED This is ain’t mainstream music I see RED WHEN I RAP don’t
compare me to these people who see RED ON A CARPET so I took To another dimension There’s no BIRDS here in SPACE I ain’t seeing ya MENTIONS
Niggas claim I Eint shit, then go use my shit to get them views, notoriety, and
fucking attention It’s a FAMINE in this industry a rap RECESSION The only SUBSTANCE is ABUSE let me CUT the TENSION, I’m being real rap back I was sent by the great and I
swore I would fucking protect it [HOOK] (sorry yall couldnt fit it all in here lolol) These people hate it when your self made It’s BLUE FLAME when I BURST and DISPERSE RAGE Don’t gotta PHYSICALLY TUSSLE I let my WORDS PLAY Knew that I was SPECIAL cuz the BUS I took back in FIRST
GRADE Momma told me don’t listen they don’t know pain No names PLAYING with me but ain’t NO GAME I don’t MISS whatever I drop HITS It’s a STRETCH if you RUNNING wit me I SWEAT PROPANE
KICK IT FLIP IT I’m SKAITNG laps around these fucking gimmicks I’m wicked twisted I’m half insane and diagnosed as gifted My words VERTICALLY exceed the ROLLERCOASTER LIMIT that’s why
when they try to WRITE(ride) along they FUCKING MISS IT I’m (P)ainting (P)ictures to (P)erfect to (P)ick a (P)art and diss it they don’t the Knowledge the Strength and Integrity is missing I remember days when my streaming numbers were (P)ots to( P)iss in (P)eople tried to talk but they couldn’t SEE that I had a VISION Eminem done paved a path Pac saw me in a dream J-cole can really hoop we should play on the same team driving down
the lane he could kick it to me 4 3 (for three)....2 1 beating
these buzz(ers)ards and taking straight leads I’m half amazing the other half is the energy of every great poet
Sharskeperian type MC Mozart, Bach, Beethoven inspired melodies
candence from an angel that devilish yet heavenly Watch how I summon the beast Watch how my mouth is foaming when I step in the booth and I know
I’m bout fuck up a beat Watch I slow it down for you then bring it back up to USAIN BOLT
WORLD RECORD speed ALPHA-MALE-BETIC flow my (LM)’s don’t know(O) (P)’s so I stay on my (Q)’s cuz they SLEEPING just like straight (Z)’s niggas hate on me then see them go try and COPY cuz Spitting these FAX so they PRINTING them like MACHINES gimme the mic gimme the booth gimme me the beat that LEX produced gimme the strength to fill shoes of the greats and delivery truth gimme the tools to fuel the youth, replenish spend then recoup then
redirect negativity pointed at me to you gimme the chance to redo, review, remove, any excuse and push through
any obstruction or rule that tries to reduce my MATHEMATICAL flow that’s ADDS me in every room but me SUBTRACTS me
from the trash that they’ve been force feeding to you honestly I might quit I miss my janitor job and the long night shifts I stick to myself cuz my TOUCH IS MIDAS TRUST everything that I TOUCH SPREADS LIKE VIRUS I don’t give a fuck if you hate or you don’t like this I don’t Len flows my last name ain’t Bias I can’t be BOUGHT my MUSIC is PRICELESS and I’ve been all in their MOUTH like BRONCHITIS niggas be trash they buy it i’m so sick of the music climate SCOOBADIVING SWIMMING into mainSTREAM with the SHARKS and STEALING like a PIRATE fucking up GIANTS, DAVID you’re GOLIATH TRUMPing the game I’ll JOE your BIDEN wanna be me the only thing you’ll ever (B)-is-HEPATITIS niggas be talking like I ain’t the NICEST-MEANEST FLOW it’s DRIPS POSEIDEN word play concepts blow your mind with triple ententes and perfect timing I’m in constant rhyming morning night I’m constantly grinding who’s better I don’t care but I
know I’m top 5 greatest of all time and Listen I’m fukin here ya it aint a mistake and with the shit I’ve already dropped I can’t be erased replaced removed
and ima do whatever it takes to have
a seat at the table with the rest of greats I Ain’t focused on the BEEF less we talking some STEAK cuz I got TOO MUCH
AT IT to step out my lane I said it once
I’m the beginning and I’ll say it again

btw if u made it down here you are a FOOKING REAL ONE! love you! #davido, #wizkid, #omah lay, #migos, #21 savage, #celebrity,
#celebrity news, #trap music, #Dax- KILLSHOT 3>

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