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10 Hilarious King Of The Hill Memes

King of the Hill remains one of the internet's favorite sources for memes, and it's a trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime toon.

It's been eleven years since the Emmy-winning animated show King of the Hill's finale and thanks to the internet, it lives on in uproarious memes. Hank, Peggy, Bobby, Dale, and Luann have given fans countless funny images and memes over the years that have been posted, shared, and re-posted.
Not only has Hank Hill's penchant for saying "h'wat" and "vidya games" seeped into the everyday internet vernacular, but just about every scene has meme potential that just won't let up. But which of these memes are the funniest

Luann Is A Proud, Ignorant Woman!

Luann Platter has had so many hilarious gaffs and one-liners throughout King of the Hill's 13 seasons, and thanks to her lack of intellect, the internet has been gifted with some great Luann memes. One such great meme is the one where she's looking through the classifieds section of the newspaper and realizes that she's not qualified for any of the jobs, saying that they're "racist to people with no skills." She doesn't know any better so it's classic Luann to substitute "racist" for "discrimination."

Bobby Needs Someone To Send Him A Sign

Astrology memes have gained a lot of traction and a kind of "gateway drug" to them are memes that comment on God or some other higher power sending someone a sign when they need help. In the case of King of the Hill, there are probably countless moments from the show that could showcase someone begging someone to send them a sign, but none encapsulate the feeling as well as Bobby in the above meme, where we see him ignoring the help he asked for.

Dale Gribble Doesn't Trust The Government

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